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Timber building solutions for large scale B2B customers


Our goal is to provide standardized timber building solutions that solves the housing shortage in Europe’s growth areas in the most environmentally friendly and efficient way. Our innovative off-site production solutions are available to major developers of residential, commercial and public buildings across Europe.

– Offsite Construction Group

Offsite Construction Group


We offer a complete off-site construction service that saves time and money from the planning of buildings to their installation on construction site.


Offsite construction is the most modern way how to improve the construction industry, allowing manufacturing efficiency, cost savings and safety measures (controlled indoor working conditions). 

It reduces number of employees at site and will keep construction site free from construction waste. Offsite building delivers elements and modules with fixtures and factory installed interior finishes.

Thanks to modern digital tools, such as BIM, it is possible to integrate offsite components into conventional buildings and to implement complex architectural solutions.

Our IT solution monitors the entire production process, ensuring the high-quality completion of products on time.


Our production capacity is divided between different production factories, which enables to produce large-scale and complex projects and shortens the time of delivery.

All factories of the Off-Site Construction Group are ETA / CE certified and operate according to common quality standards such as ISO.

With EUR 100 million sales revenue it’s possible to produce up to 0.7-2 million m2 of 2D structural panel elements or 1200-3200 3D modules (volumetric units) for residential, commercial or public buildings.


In cooperation with international logistic companies located in Tallinn, we arrange timely delivery of our products directly to your construction site.

We can arrange the delivery of our 2D or 3D products by road, ship or soon by rail.

80-150 m2 of 2D structural panel elements or 1-4x 3D modular elements (volumetric units) can be fitted on one semi-trailer and this truck will travel to Berlin in 2 days.

5000-9000m2 of 2D structural panel elements or 40 x 40m2 (1600 m2) 3D modular elements (volumetric units) can be fitted on a typical cargo ship and it will sail to Antwerp (Belgium) in 1 week.


Estonia has always been a forested country, which today covers about 50% of the country’s territory. One third of the forestery is highly protected.

Estonian forestry regulations focus on sustainability. Our forest is managed by ecologically, socially and economically balanced way (FSC and PEFC certification) and our Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) sector has a positive CO2 balance.

The industrial off-site construction of wooden houses takes place in precisely planned production cycles and this significantly reduces production residues compared to onsite construction.

All used materials are environmentally friendly, enabling CO2-positive solutions.


Today, we are experts in timber buildings, we can help build wooden cities in Europe and be one of the most reliable partners in the construction business in achieving new climate goals.

Here are some examples of our 25 years of experience in the Scandinavian countries, which encourage us to offer our timber building solutions to Europe.



If you are planning to develop new standardized or complex buildings or starting to implement large-scale renovation projects of old buildings, contact with us. We offer solutions that are production efficient, optimize costs and meet climate goals.

Raiko Gustavson
Offsite Construction Group partner

Offsite Construction Group


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